What is this magical green screen filming?

Introduction to Green screen Filming

usage of green screen filming in the industry

Simply green screen filming or chroma keying is a visual effects technique used for compositing or layering two images or videos streams together according to the color hues. This is the best way to remove a background from anything of a photo or video.

In this process the green color area is made transparent, then other scenes, images, or animations can be added as the background. this chroma keying technique is done by video production and post-production group. You can see this technique in most popular films like marvel films, Jurassic World, avatar.

They have used this chroma keying (green screen) to create places those hard to shoot or fantasy. This technique called in different names such as color-separation overlay, Green screen, Blue screen. This chroma keying technique can be done with any colors that are uniform and distinct. But commonly use green and blue, because we can easily separate this color from others. Especially human skin color. In the scene no subjects are used with the same color in the baking otherwise, it’s identified as a part of the background that should be removed.

History of Green screen

In 1898 and 1903 this approach was used by George Albert Smith, in the film called ‘The Great Train Robbery’ they have used double exposure to add a background for a window scene. But in those times they have used a black background for this technique. then after the blue screen came the usage. This chroma-keying is done with a blue screen. But it created some issues. In the shooting scenes, there are lots of blue subjects, people also use to wear more blue color dresses. That’s why it converted to the Green color. Sometimes there are green color characters or subjects in the scene. in those times blue color backgrounds are used.

These are the basic things that you should know about green screen filming. Get to know more about this, visit us


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