What is video color grading that helps best editing.

"Video color grading is most effective part of the green screen video editing workflow. We need keep attention on this during the filming as well."

color grading process

In previous times, color grading is a separate part from the post-production process. There was an issue with video editing software, the lines between video editor and grader have blurred. That’s why the editors should be aware of color grading when they work on a project.

Simply color grading is a post-production process that allows you to change the color qualities of an image you’ve captured or download from any place. It is included a lot of features such as contrast, sharpness, blackness depth, white balancing, and overall. It looks like a complicated process, but if you learn well and practice well it helps you to make the colorful output from your software. Because of that color grading is an essential part of video editing. 

Difference between color grading and color correction.

Most people think that color grading and color correction are doing the same duty in video editing. But there is a distinction. Color correction is simply fixing the color by one step in the process. Making the look of footage as it is intended.

Color grading helps you after the process of color correction. You can edit the color of the video as you want. You can match the color of the subjects by using this. From the outlook, both look like the same tool, but the knowing difference is important. 

Don’t be afraid to go for color grading.  It is very important to have a better outlook on your video editing skill. The color matching can change the whole audience’s thoughts created on your video. Your video is an invaluable storytelling tool. Great color grading can change the whole interface of the video.  

Color grading tools. 

1.White balance.

This tool is a feature of any kind of camera in the present world, even in mobile cameras. You can make the image appear cooler or warmer by adjusting the white balance of the video. It uses to make sure your scenes more natural as well. 

2. Brightness and contrast 

Normally this tool is used to control the brightness and contrast of an image. But those two things are linking with each other. That’s why the editor should have proper knowledge about this. When you change the brightness the contrast also changes

3. The three-way color corrector.

This tool works with few elements of video editing including saturation, hue, contrast, and brightness. The most important thing is these whole elements work as one function in this tool. You don’t want to change each element one by one. 

4. Curves.

It’s an easy way to do color grading and correction with curves. By dragging and bending the curve you can control and change the effect you want. 

5. Color match.

This tool will help you to edit your scene similar to the source shot.

These are the basic things you should aware of about color grading.
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