Top 10 green screen editing software.

1.Adobe after effects

After effects is a tool that helps to edit videos. It’s a creative software introduced by popular design software company “adobe”. You can use this software to replace, remove and edit your green screen background. From this software, you can add more camera viewpoints not only one. It Provides easy ways to select, track and isolate objects with ease. Providing lots of effects to customize your text and other animations is another feature. The green screen wizard helps you to navigate 3D visuals.


Using this software is helps you to bring a professional look to your videos. It has huge numbers of royalty-free stock videos, customizable assets, and music. And also they provide you a feature to record your screen and edit it. By adding quiz questions and interactivity you can measure learning videos. This software is the best for zoom in, zoom out,  and pan animation. You can create images and videos to give as feedback.


Using Movavi is helps you to trim and add effects, ready-made intros, and animation to any clips. You can change your background by applying the Chroma key to your clip. You can stabilize and reverse videos from this software. It helps you to do more nice work by providing stylish titles, transactions, filters, and more. There are a lot of languages for your easy usage. There are filters that help you to do for more experience. It’s easy and very quick. You can install and work with iOS and Windows platforms. 


green screen editing software

Mainly it helps you to create a custom animated video with ease. You can work object tracking with no hassle. Through this software, you can fade your audio easily. For ease of access, they provide you keyboard shortcuts. You can add transactions, titles, and filters. 


It is an online-based video editing platform that supported for any browser. You can do green screen editing with this. Because it’s online-based you can edit your video from your mobile as well. But it’s hard work with HQ videos. But there is unlimited cloud storage for your projects. There are custom text, colors, emojis, and etc to videos.


Simple this a software you can use to remove the background of the videos. But you can apply visual effects to your videos as well.  Through any browser, you are able to access the videos. You can trim your video with ease.  There is a facility to select the color that you want.


This one also an online-based streaming software. You can remove and edit your background while you are in online streaming as well. You can have a professional and enjoyable streaming experience. You can go to Facebook and youtube live through this. They provide you a facility to record videos in WMV and AVI. via yahoo messenger and skype, you can sync with this.  It support platforms: Windows 10, 8, 7 PC

8.AVS video editor

This one also a streaming software that brings you a lot of features including green screen editing. You can trim, cut, merge, rotate videos, and split easily. You are able to save video files in VOB, AVI.MP4, and more. You can remove and replace the background using the green screen technique. Not only normal video formats it enables editing Blu-ray videos too. Those editable videos can be shared from this software. There are more than 300 video effects. And this software supports for many languages.

9.Power director

This amazing software is another one to work with green screen editing. you can ad customized shapes and objects in videos. It allows you to go for nice motion graphics and animations in your video titles. It brings you the best green screen editing performance like a professional. You can import the video in a 1.1 ratio.  They have provided you some ready-made templates as well. Not only that there are fast motion effects, color distortion, shaky footage too. 

10.Premier pro

Premia pro is another video editing software introduced by adobe. It is timeline-based editing software. It was published as a part of the adobe creative cloud licensing program. You can edit high-resolution videos up to 10,240 x 8, 192 resolution. You can use this for all video editing tasks including the green screen editing tool. In the previous time, this software was used in the film industry too. 

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