How to set up a perfect green screen

If you are going to do a youtube video, educational videos or presentations, film, etc, you will have to deal with the Green screen. It will help you create the outcome of your videos as you wish. with a green screen, you can go for cool editing of your videos. But first of all, you should know how to set up a green screen correctly. there are few steps you should follow.

1.set up

green screen setup
The first thing is the location of your green screen setup. the place should have proper space to fit your backdrop. It can be outdoor or indoor, but make sure there is enough space for not only the backdrop but also other film equipment as well.

When you set up your green screen please consider the impacts of environments. All equipment should stay smooth after starting the recording. If you wish to change the floor in post-production, the floor is also covered by green color. After that, you should consider the safety of your backdrop. Using some weights try to stop small movements of your green screen.
If you need some kind of background settings, try to fix your own background footage if you are on a tight budget. Because mostly all the services that offer entire catalogs of proprietary footage are not going offer for free.

2. Lighting.

lighting is one of the most important factors when you do green screen filming. Without proper lighting, you can’t get a good outcome through this technique. Mostly the main problem is the shadows of the actors. to avoid this, there should be a distance of few meters between actors and the backdrop. And by using stand lights you can put all the shadows down.

On the other side, you should be aware not to change the colors of the subject with the lighting. Sometimes light colors can create the same color that has in backdrop by blending with another color. If it happens, those areas will remove with the background when you do editing. And also lighting colors should be changed base on the situation of the scene. If you shoot an evening scene yellow color is the most suitable for lighting.

3. screen lighting

If you are going to work with a green screen. It’s better to use strong lighting because it helps to maintain the same color as the backdrop. Make sure your green screen is made of anything that makes wrinkles that can cause shadows.

4. actors and camera positioning.

place your subjects and actors in front of the screen, but keep the distance to surround the actor’s feet by green flooring. Near the horizontal center is the best position. When actors are acting they should aware to keep the parts inside the screen. for that, there should be a green screen with enough space.

If we talk about the cameras. other extra things like weights, sandbags should be outside of the camera view. If you are going to record a subject from different angles be aware to make more backdrops for those angles too.

These are the main steps you should follow when you make a green screen setup. If you have doubt or problems please visit us.


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