Top 5 sites to get green screen background for free

"If you are a YouTuber, film producer, video editor, and etc you need the green screen to remove and add green screen background to your videos."

Hey, do you work in the video editing industry or work with video editing? Then you already know what is a green screen and why it’s so important. If you are a YouTuber, film producer, video editor, and etc you need the green screen to remove and add green screen background to your videos.

In that case, there might be another issue about selecting suitable and attractive backgrounds. Don’t worry about it now. That’s why we are here to introduce the best few sites that you can get awesome backgrounds for free. 



Pexels it’s a good website that helps to get lots of attractive and creative videos. You can use those videos not only for green screen backgrounds but also for more needs in the video editing industry. There are more than 100,000 green screen background footage and photo, Totally free for you. And every footages and photos are available with its best qualities. Day by day they are updating their stocks by uploading thousands of new photos and footage.

green screen background



This site is one of another website that provides you best green screen backgrounds for free. They have 23922 green screen backgrounds footages. With few clicks, you can easily download any video clips from this site.  It’s a user-friendly website for you. 

green screen background


They have over 2 million stock of photos for free that you can use as the green screen backgrounds. It’s a photo discovery platform. All the photos have their high-definition qualities. If you have a license you can go for more things like software, visual interfaces, graphics, designs, information, a compilation of photos and etc. 


Videvo is a site having free stock footage and motion graphics. You can download free video footage and motion graphics for any project. They have grown as one of the most reputable sources for free green screen backgrounds anywhere on the web. The founder of the site is Tom Limg in 2012. This site is always ready to give what we looking for. Base on our experience. We can highly recommend this platform to download your green screen background video.


Wallpaperaccess is a site that provides you awesome wallpapers for free. But in our case, they have a nice green screen background collection too. All the images have it’s the best quality. Downloading a background you want from this site is very easy. Be few steps you can own your choice. So it’s a user-friendly website for video editors.

here there are 5 websites that will help you to get more creativity for your projects. try these websites, and try to be more professional and improve your skills.  if you want to know more knowledge about the green screen read our articles.


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