10 Tips That Will Help You Green Screen like a professional

1.Make sure your green screen as flat as possible.

green screen lighting

Try to minimize huge curves, wrinkles to get a better output. Otherwise, it can be an issue for the post-production part. When you lighting your backdrop this matter is very important.

2. Light your green screen evenly.


For this technique using two lights minimum. Set both lights from the two front sides of the screen, but at an equal distance. Then it helps to remove shadows created by curves and wrinkles.

3. Keep a 2m distance between the cast and the green screen. 

If you have that much distance, actors can act without making any shadows on the screen.

4. Use separate lights for both cast and backdrop.

This technique helps you to edit your video easily. Using another 3 lights for the cast is the most successful way when you shoot with a simple green screen setup.  The first one is the key light and that is the main light separated for the cast. It helps to shoot the casts clearly. The second one is fill light. It can reduce the darkness of shadows created by the key light. The final one is back light. It helps to separate the cast from the green screen.

5. Make sure the ground part is not going to slip.

If you have a slippery ground part with your backdrop it can be an issue when the casts are acting on that. Our suggestion is to use some anti-slip tape under the ground part of your green screen.

6. White color walls are not good for the backdrop. 

When you shoot a green screen filming don’t choose a space that has white color walls.  The reason is the reflection of the walls. This reflection can make another white color on the backdrop.  When you edit your videos it becomes an issue to replace the background.

7. Don’t wear any green color clothes for the filming. 

8. If green clothes are necessary use a blue screen for the scenes.

9. De aware to have a camera with good shutter speed.

If you are going to shoot more movements on your green screen scenes you need to have good shutter speed on your camera. Otherwise, the movements can’t be seen in it real way.

10.Don’t use reflected green screen for your filming.

If you are going to do a shoot with a reflected backdrop like plastic. that reflection can make a white a color on your camera. You always should be considered keeping your backdrop in green color.

So if you wish to shoot a green screen scene like a professional at least you should aware of these points. If you want more details about green screen filming, visit us.


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