Green screen, 5 important Things You Should Know

To get a better result from using a green screen, there are lots of factors you should consider. Among those, these are very important.

1.How it works

Normally the process is called chroma keying or chroma keying compositing. The process is made to remove a specific color and turned it transparent. A green screen is identified as an area by software and it helps the editor to remove what needs to be. then the transparent area created by that process, easy to replace.

2.Why only green?

important things about green screen
Similar techniques were being used in the 19th century too. But in the 1970s the green color became more popular in the industry background with any color that can be used for this technique, but the colors of front subjects and actors should be changed. In 1930 common usage was the blue color in the industry. Because it is more different than skin tones, but based on the popularity of the blue color clothes, it was changed. Step by step green color came to the industry. In some cases still, blue color screens are used. But chroma key effects work for both colors.

3.How to use it?

To get a better result from using a green screen, there are lots of factors you should consider. Among those, these are very important.

By the light, handling makes the screen to the same color without shadows. If there are any places with color patches such as dark green places, it might be a problem for editing. And be aware not to wear green color clothes. Because things with the green color are considered as the background in the chroma keying process. Before you shoot it’s better to identify what kind of background and scenes that you are going to do.

4.Related software

Simply editing software can be chosen base on your input, whether you are working on moving or static images. Here there are a few valuable software that we need for green screen editing.

iMovie -Apple’s video editing software
Premiere Pro -video editing software from adobe
after effects-video editing, motion graphics, visual effects software by adobe
photoshop -image and graphic editing software from adobe.

5.Green screen usage

In the present world for lots of projects green screens are used. Most modern film industry runs on this technique. the two most successful box office movies are edited and came to the cinema through this technique (avengers: end game, avatar)

In the avatar movie, the whole environment is created as a fantasy world. That’s why they have to use more green screen shooting for this film. Not only in these macro industries, nowadays every one tries and need this technique in their day to day lifestyle.

>youtube content creating
>showing gaming prowess on twitch
>background editing for professional video conferences, when people work from home.


these are the basic things you should know about green screens.  if you have any problem with this or need to know more, visit us



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