5 big mistake you wont to know about green screen filming.

green screen issues

1. Affected shadows on green screen.

when you set your green screen highly consider shadows because in the post-production part shadows will make your chroma key process difficult. the area covered by the shadow is hard to remove in the chroma key process. lots of wrinkles and due to strong lighting these shadows can be pop up. by reducing strong lighting, and the distance between subjects and backdrop you can minimize those shadows step by step. and also you can set few lights from
different views to solve this issue.

2.Unevenly lit

When you try to decrease the shadows on the green screen, you will face another problem with an unevenly lit green screen. Again this will affects to chroma key process. Because there might be darker and lights areas. Try to take all the light out from the green screen area. That’s why there should be a person who charges light control. Consider hiring a knowledgeable gaffer for your green screen filming for a better product.

3. Color spill of the green screen.

When you deal with the lighting to decrease the shadows you will forget about the opposite effect of too much lighting. When you have too much lighting on your green screen it will make some green fuzzy edges around your subjects. If your subjects are casts there is a green halo on their skin. It is not good. It’s hard to edit in the post-production step. And it’s not natural green skin for a human. 

4.Motion blur.

In green screen, filming motion blur is a huge problem. When motion blur happens in the scene it blends with the background green color. That’s why it’s hard to edit in the chroma-keying process. To avoid this move your subjects slowly. But if you want to shoot a high-speed movement you gave to select a good camera with good shutter speed. 

5.Disappearing subjects.

Can’t you find out the green color subjects after you remove the background? Why? Because in the crome keying process the software identifies it as a part of the background that you are trying to remove. The solution is to use a blue color backdrop if you shoot with green color subjects. 

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