How to film with perfect green screen.

when you are going to film with a green screen, there are some main points that you should know. If you do your filming without a good quality, you can not take the result that you expected after the chroma keying.

1. Lighting tips.

green screen lighting tips
To shoot a better green screen, it is good to light both subjects and background separately. It helps to maintain the
correct green color of the backdrop. You have the freedom to lighting any subjects and control shadows of the background from that as your needs. Therefore normally two or a few more lights are used to get the right colors for the shoot. Please keep a 6-10 feet distance between subjects and backdrop, if you are going to use actors as the subjects.

Don’t make more brightness by lighting the green screen. It creates hotspots, base on that there will be lots of color damage that hard to remove in the chroma keying technique. Make sure to keep the same color on the backdrop.

2. Camera tips

green screen camera tips
When you lighting the green screen setup, avoid the bounce light that directly affects the cameras.
If the camera faces the key surface directly, make sure to keep 45-degree angles for lights. It helps to turn over the bounce light away. There are some cameras specially made for green screen shooting, then be careful and select the right camera to shoot your videos.

When you shoot some movements and import them to green screen software as an HD video, this kind of camera is necessary. When you shoot a green screen, use a tripod. it helps to keep the camera very still. then you can go for better output.

3. Clothing tips

when people act or do some presentation on the green screen there is a mistake done by them. It is the wearing green color clothes for the shooting. If you wear any kind of thing of the same color in the backdrop those will be removed with the background by the post-editing part. If you want to remove any parts of the actors or subjects, this technique is definitely good.

4. Wrinkles problem

Wrinkles of your backdrop effect to make more shadows and damage your videos. When you fold your green screen to the storage it becomes a reason to decrease the quality of your shooting. Then every time, be aware to make sure the best quality of your green screen before each shoot. Finally, a backdrop without wrinkles and folds is very important to green screen filming.

5.Motion blur problem

If you have to shoot high-speed movements using a camera with lower shutter speeds. Then you will face this problem. If you are unable to shoot with a camera, be aware to minimize that kind of movement from your shooting.

In the green screen filming, this kind of mistake leads you to product failures. Then it’s better to rent a camera with a good shutter speed to shoot those movements and decrease motion blur. Finally, you should have an idea about the cameras that you want to base on your shoots.

Be a professional from these steps. Then you can shoot and make cool green screen filming as you wish. If you have any problem visit us.

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