Magical Green Screen Color Fixing

Welcome! In this gig, we offer you a highly professional green screen color fixing and replacing service for your green screen footage.

What is green screen color fixing?

When shooting a video in front of the green screen background, we need a proper lighting setup to reduce shadows and there should be more than 1m space between the object and green screen. Also, it is important to keep a clean and soft green screen without any waves while filming. When you miss something above, your footage accumulates more work to the green screen editor. So now your video footage needs “Green Screen color fixing” Service before replacing the background. 🙂

Why us?

If your green screen condition is bad, or if the lighting is very bad, don’t worry about your green screen condition. We can correct it perfectly with our Green Screen Color Fixing service. We are professionals in green screen color fixing with 3 years of experience and we were able to keep our client satisfaction at 100%. So we can professionally fix your green screen color. Look into our service portfolio for further details on the quality of our service.

The service cost

Every footage is different. Sometimes it is much harder. So the cost will depend on the duration of your video and the condition of the Green Screen. So, if you would love to get a similar look for your green screen footage, place your message attaching your footage. We will get back to you shortly. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our live chat service by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right of the page. Also, you can place your order in the world trusted freelance market place

Hope to see you with a new challenge!

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